I’m a graphic designer by trade and an artist in my soul. I’ve been free-hand drawing since I was a young kid on pretty much any surface I could find 🙂

I literary live, sleep and dream design. When I start a new design I never know what the design will look like at the end. The design and I will grow and develop as I go, one line at a time….

I have been drawing the patterns and shapes that you see in my designs for years and years.

My designs continue to develop with time and there is a Polynesian influence that wasn’t there before. So really, its a combination of my crazy mind and current influences 🙂

Over the years I started to explore my passion for colors, shapes, drawing and making art. I have since discovered that I really enjoy making wearable art, wearing my own designs but also, I enjoy greatly to see the joy other people get from wearing my designs.

Thank you so much for visiting my website!